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Yay! More local permies. They’re a little hard to find, like morel mushrooms after the wild turkeys have been out, but apparently, there are more of us around, like hidden treasure. :-)

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If you follow the blog and live in Kentucky, you may want to pop on over to the Kentucky Farmstead Facebook page and like us to get updates on our spring giveaways.  Today is the last day to share our blog on Facebook and qualify for a drawing to receive a free fig tree.  We’re giving one away to three lucky followers on Saturday.  Later we’ll be offering up seeds from our own seed-saving (which we’ll ship within the continental US), as well as strawberry plants for local followers and some organic fertilizers and compost tea.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

Maybe you have a friend in Central Kentucky who would like the local giveaways ?

Don’t get me wrong, we want to share with and inspire followers around the country and around the globe, but we really want to encourage local networking and would encourage you to pursue the…

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Creation and Evolution through Patterns: Classification

Creation and Evolution through Patterns: Classification.

Patterns Chapter TreeYo EDU release: and i quote, “No matter the pattern, no matter the crossover between them, it’s not so much the physicality of it all, rather the energetic exchange that is facilitated that frames how we utilize this understanding for our design work.” New understanding of patterns came to by writing this article. simple but a small tick forward in my head. I love writing!

via Creation and Evolution through Patterns: Classification.

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An Online Permaculture Reader Resource

This Website is a creation brought to you by TreeYo Permaculture,      headed by Doug Crouch, as an online service to those who are seeking information about various aspects of Permaculture. By using a multimedia approach, we hope to bring you as much concentrated information as possible which allows you to surf one site rather than the whole web for different facets of Permaculture. We really hope that you will leave comments or questions so that the collective genius of the Permaculture community can be realized.  Through this blog/book format, we can have an open dialogue and co-create so that future users can access not only the valuable information but also the design process itself.

Much of the information is derived directly from the curriculum presented in our courses and is a reflection of our take on Permaculture. The project of the PDC Handbook is a massive undertaking and we welcome any feedback to help drive it forward.

Furthermore, this is an online reader for those who will be taking permaculture courses with us or other teachers.  We feel that it is a testament to the permaculture philosophy of being completely open-source with everything we do, Cooperation not Competition.  At the same time we also recognize the intellectual property involved and we wish to honor the system of Collective Commons. Thus please do give us credit for our work here and please share this resource widely.

The Website is structured to echo the 14 chapters of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual with an additional three sections: Food Fermentation (Bill actually considers his most important work to be his book Ferment and Human Nutrition), Natural Building and Animal Systems (emphasizing Holistic Management).

This is also the same framework in which we organize our Permaculture Design Courses (PDC). We find that people come to our regular TreeYo Permaculture site from googling things like Earthships and swales. So we have created this site which is a five year project to create and will be directing you as well to other places with more information so that we are not reinventing the wheel.

*** If you do use the pics or logos please give us credit on your site as you will see that we do the same. Enjoy the website and please do contribute anyway that is of value! ***

Paw Paw, a temperate fruit from the tropical Anona fruit family

Paw Paw, a temperate fruit from the tropical Anona fruit family

For our website covering our courses and consulting and documentation in general, please visit and email at

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